Friday, 1 March 2013

Trying new things

I realized recently that I am stuck in a rut. I have been home for 16 months now and I really love it. I want to spend as much time with my kids as I can but I don't seem to spend any time away from my kids anymore. It is my own fault for not pursuing other activities and I am limited because I don't drive and we only have one car but I need to break out of this and try to do something else. Today I decided that it is time to get back to this blog (some form of communication with other adults) and I found a few websites with business opportunities that don't seem like scams (I have only found one bookkeeping client so far). It is time for me to start getting my life back. I am going to try to do more things for myself and try new things that might seem a little scary but may turn into something great. Wish me luck! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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