Friday, 29 March 2013

Choose a chip flavour for Lay's

Lay's Canada is having a great contest to choose their next chip flavor. You can win $50,000 and 1% of the sales. My hubby saw the ads on tv and decided that he could win with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan. He doesn't have a Facebook account and so I have entered it for him.  While I was at it, I had to add my own flavour which happens to be Taco.

Chips are a treat at our house but we all really enjoy them when we get them. My husband prefers the hot and spicy kind - jalapeno or habenero. I like Salt and Vinegar, Dill Pickle and sometimes Ketchup. The boys are with me although my Doodle will sometimes try the spicy chips because my husband is eating them and then he'll make a funny face and try to tell us that he likes them. Lay's are usually our chips of choice when we get them.

I would appreciate any votes that I can get. If you think that Roasted Garlic and Parmesan sound delicious you can vote at and if you prefer Taco you can vote at . While you are there, add your own flavour and let me know and I will be happy to vote for you!

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