Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What to Blog About

I was thinking about things last night and trying to decide which of my interests might interest other people. I love my family, and this site will likely focus mostly on my kids and being a mom, but I also love books, movies, celebrity gossip, crafts, cooking, and the list goes on... I imagine many of these things can be incorporated into a Mommy blog but which ones and how?

I was watching Dancing With the Stars (dancing shows are another of my favorite things) last night and started thinking about Brooke Burke's big announcement on her blog this week about fighting cancer and was surprised that nothing was mentioned on the show (unless I somehow missed it). How could this have been missed unless they were worried that it might detract from the military salute that the show was focussed on last night? Thinking about Brooke's blog also made me wonder how much information I should share. How much should I post about my kids and how much is too much information to be floating around in cyberspace? I guess it will work itself out. I have to admit that so far having an outlet for my random thoughts seems to be great therapy.

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