Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Internet Obsessions - Is It Just Me?

I have found that for some reason I easily become obsessed with things that I find while surfing the web. I believe that it started when I was pregnant with DS#1 (I will call him "Doodle"). I would use my lunch hour to search the web for information on what was happening with the baby at each stage of my pregnancy. I would come home and start searching for all of the things I would need to make sure that my little bundle of joy would have everything that he would need. I was obsessed with baby sites.

When my Doodle was born I started looking for deals. I was on Mat leave and our income was significantly less than what it had previously been but we needed baby things. I was using cloth diapers and had to find the best kinds and of course the best deals. I started obsessing over deal sites like Kijiji, Craigslist and good ole Ebay. I probably spent way more than I should have but I was getting some great deals!

I went back to work and things settled down for a bit until I found out I was pregnant with DS#2 (I will call him "Bug"). This was going to be our second child and I pretty much knew what I was in for as far as the pregnancy went so the pregnancy websites seemed less important this time around. What did become important was getting as much free or nearly free baby stuff as possible. (I plan to list some of the best Canadian free stuff soon). I found websites and phone numbers for samples and coupons and free memberships for points clubs. This is when I came across my first Mommy Blogs with giveaways. I came for the giveaways and stayed (and returned) for the content.

I had always wondered what people saw in Blogs. I heard about people Blogging and about people who spent alot of time on Blogs but I never really understood why someone would want to read about someone else's life. Then I found my first Mommy Blogs with Giveaways and I won a few things from those Giveaways. My next obsession began! Makobi Scribe, Simply Stacie, Keenly KristinAbout A Mom, My Little Review Corner.... The list of my favorites is pretty extensive. These are also the sites that inspired me to create my own.

My latest obsession happens to be Facebook games. Wetopia having been my gateway game I am now also playing Chefville, Farmville 2, Castleville, Ghosts of Mistwood and Joy Kingdom. Most of the special Hallowe'en quests have ended now though so I am starting to play less, thank goodness.

What is my latest obsession? It looks like writing my own blog is starting to take over. How about you?

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